Mama Soul showcases Janet Ryan's powerfully soulful voice on a "baker's dozen" 13 tracks of mostly original material, along with her unique take on the Sippie Wallace blues chestnut, "Women Be Wise." The majority of the new CD was recorded at Audio Dallas Recording Studio in Garland, Texas, and produced by Jimmy Rogers and Paul Osborn; with two songs recorded at The Tone Zone in Holyoke, Massachusetts and produced by Ryan. The sessions feature Ryan supported by her long-time backing group, The Straight Up Band, as well as by members of the former Dallas-based outfit, Crosscut.


"...Janet Ryan crashes through the starting gate rolling 'n tumbling like Etta James in full fury, horns blaring, slide guitar burning, chords crunching, hot high-five rhythms full-barrel smokin'... this is one woman who was certainly born to do what she does, no two ways about it."
"As one listens to these cuts, the set comes at you like an old-school R & B revue. Janet's voice will remind you of Janis Joplin or Etta James, mixing blues with the R & B of the Stax and Motown eras. The cuts let Janet's powerhouse vocals weave tales of love in all shapes and shades. Janet's vocals make you feel that she's singing just for you. She's in total command of all the material on Mama Soul, and is a brilliantly-captivating entertainer!"
Don & Sheryl's Blues Blog//
"...Soulful blues-drenched belting...She straddles R&B, blues and even roadhouse rock in a batch of songs that will rattle your insides and soothe your psyche."
Dallas Morning News//
"There's a new girl in town making quite a stir on the blues scene."
Blues Revue Magazine//
"Mama Soul is an apt description of Janet Ryan, whose powerhouse vocal style melds the influences of Etta James, Tracy Nelson and Janis Joplin. Backed by The Straight Up Band, Ryan delivers twelve original numbers plus one cover, a salacious rendition of Sippie Wallace's 'Women Be Wise' that boasts mellow guitar and classic blues piano courtesy of Joe Elliott. 'Mama Soul' indeed!"
Blues in Britain//
"Janet has a powerful voice and her band is really terrific. This is a mature soul/blues release that should have good radio success."
Bman's Blues Report//
"With never a dull moment, Ryan wraps the up the sum total of her vast travels through the blues world and serves it all up like a pro. A new link in the chain that's sure to keep the tradition alive."
Midwest Records//
"This is good stuff!"
WRSI Radio//
"Mama Soul features twelve zesty originals and a tangy cover of Sippie Wallace's 'Women Be Wise'. Listening to Janet's powerhouse vocals, listeners will marvel at the emotion she infuses into every word. It was her huge voice that caught the attention of CSP Records in Texas. It's incredibly hard to pick only three 'best songs... If one is feeling down, one should listen to Mama Soul and feel one's spirits soar!"
Blues Blast Magazine//